Canine Scent Detection for Bed Bugs

Dog sniffs out Bed Bugs in DetroitTrained canine units have often been used to detect various items such as bombs, fugitives, and drugs. The use of dogs in these areas has proved very efficient and effective. But, dogs are not just limited to these areas, they can be used for the detection of bed bugs, termites, and other unwanted pests. The detection rate of dogs is vastly better than that compared to humans. Dogs have a 97% accuracy of finding an infestation compared to humans who only have a 30% accuracy using visual detection. All of our dogs are NESDCA certified and comply with the highest pest control industry standards.

In recent years the use of bed bug sniffing dogs has been introduced and adapted by many companies. Alcala Pest Management is at the forefront of this trend and have some of the most well trained and accurate dogs in the country. This cutting edge method is ideal for quick and simple detection of bed bugs. Our dogs can detect bed bugs hiding almost anywhere and even determine if they have laid eggs. Using canines for detection is crucial to determine every location of possible pests in your home. The best part about using dogs to sniff our bed bugs and other pests is that you can avoid ripping up carpets and floor boards or moving around furniture.

Have you recently had guests from out of town or traveled? Are you waking up with small red bite marks? Do you fear that you could have bed bugs? These could all lead to bed bugs but don’t worry, contact Alcala Pest Management today for a FREE consultation.