Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most common and easily spreadable pests in the United States. In the 1940’s, the bed bug population was vastly wiped out but in recent years it is on the rise once again. Due to change in pesticides, increase in international travel, and bed bugs becoming resistant to some pesticides,  bed bugs are an ever increasing problem.



Identification is key to determining if you may have an infestation. There are three different signs you should search for when looking for bed bugs, the first being bites. Bed bug bites show as small red dots on your skin in patches. They also start to blister and have sacs of pus. The second sign is actual bugs in your bed or furniture. Most bed bugs commonly feed in the bedroom and can be found on or even inside your mattress. There are two types of bed bugs to identify, adults and nymphs. Adults have round, flat bodies and can grow to be about 5.5mm. The nymphs start very small and can range in size from 1.5mm to 4.5mm. The nymphs are children and need to feed to grow and molt. After hatching they are clear/white but become yellowish/tan as they mature. The final sign is eggs. Bed bug eggs are insanely small and are no bigger than a few grains of salt. An adult female can lay up to five eggs daily and 500 in their lifetime.

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Chemical Treatment – This affordable method of extermination is effective but can take up to two to six weeks. Treatments occur every fourteen days. This method is usually used with a smaller infestation. The chemical treatment is made up of multiple pesticides that are lethal to bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Always keep in mind that these chemicals should not be exposed to expecting mothers or young children. However, the chemicals are safe for pets once it has dried.

Heat Treatment – If you want to dispose of your bed bug problem in the most effective manner then using a generator is your best choice. Using a generator, a professional will use the kill temperature of 133°F to eliminate the bed bugs. This treatment is used with large infestations of over 40 or more.

Steam Treatment – Another chemical-free option is to use steamers. Using an even higher temperature than the generators, the steamers reach about 250°F killing eggs, bed bugs, and even dust mites. This treatment is best when the infestation is around 40 or less.


  • Frequently wash sheets and clothing with warm water and dry with high heat
  • Tuck in sheets and blankets so they do not touch the floor or the legs of your bed
  • Use a plastic cover to seal your mattress
  • Clean your rooms by vacuuming and dusting thoroughly
  • When cleaning, vacuum your mattress